Our website, www.cspapeleria.com, is very simple and intuitive, and you will quickly find what you want. We have made improvements to our website by adding over 15.000 up-to-date photos and more comprehensive product information.



For years many of our clients have enjoyed the convenience of being able to place an order at any time. According to a study carried out by the respected consultant, Nielsen, our website is considered as the best in the sector by our clients, due to our constant innovation, among other reasons. We have recently introduced new drop-down menus to aid browsing and we have also improved the management of favourites, the search tool and the notifications section.

Today we are pioneers in the development of a search tool with an advanced taxonomy, which allows results to be arranged by area, brand and best-selling. It is a significant search tool optimisation, which allows CSP clients to carry out intelligent searches and to find more useful information more efficiently.

At CSP we constantly invest in:

  • Usability. 
  • Browsability.
  • Security.
  • Scalability.

All of this responds to the requests of our clients, with whom we are in constant contact in order to find out what it is that they need in the changing and demanding online world.


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