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Business machines

Shredder oil, adapters, pliers, laminating bags, shredder bags, cash registers, scientific calculators, pocket and desktop design, printing calculators, beads, destructive detectors and counters of counterfeits, binders, spirals, labeling , taggers kit, counting machines, envelope folding machines, typewriters, laminators, binding covers, translators, turn-o-matic, etc.


Floor mats, filing cabinets, mailboxes, security safes, drawers, trolleys, carts and stands for hanging folders, cars, ashtrays, containers, stairs, shelves, shelves, display, drawing boards, computer, office, multifunction multimedia receiver modules, occasional furniture, closet organizers, paper, umbrella stands, coat racks, chairs address, office and school, stools, lockers, pallet, etc.


Accessories, adapters, speakers, headphones, digital pens, cameras, webcams, magazines, CD's, supplies, answering machines, external hard drives, DVD's, elevators monitor multifunctional devices, scanners, faxes, covers for tablet PCs and notebooks , multiple USB HUB, printers, stylus, card readers, briefcases and laptop backpacks, stamp machines, flash, LED monitors, batteries, screen protectors, laser pointers, mice, strips, media players, faxes parts, overhead , labelers, UPS, tuners, stands, keyboards, telephones, toner, laptop trolleys, projectors, walkie talkies, Wi-Fi, etc..


Albums, lever arch files, trays of desserts, ultimate file boxes, transfer boxes, brooch polypropylene folders, sorting folders or rubber bellows, hanging folders, you command folders, ring binders, folders, rubber, paper folders continuous dossier folders, folders window, bug folders, folders, bundles, Multifin folders, folders on, briefcases, records, files, cases, identifiers, file indexes, book reservations, filing modules, portafirmas, menu-holders, memo holder, magazine racks, separators, subfolders, etc.

Personal Organization

Folder briefcase, wallet briefcase, wallet green, notary, phone books, briefcases briefcases, planning on table, portacalendarios, car document holder, card holders, pen stand, Vades desktop, etc.


Rubber bands, cellophane bags and plastic shipping boxes, packing tape, adhesive tapes, fancy tapes, strapping tapes, cords and ropes, shipping labels, fijafotos, extensible films, elastic rubber bands, paper cutters, sealings, fancy ties, taping machines, miniportarrollos, self-adhesive paper, wrapping paper, fancy paper, manila paper, bubble wrap, packing paper holder, counter, table and electric; envelopes for packaging, cellophane chips, etc.


Accessories, Pens, borratintas, wooden games, pencils, mines, pens, pencils, pens and rollers refills, fiber tip pens, markers, counterfeit detectors, special pens, highlighters, markers invisible, permanent markers, markers for whiteboard, markers rollers, inks, etc.

Adhesive, cutting and correction

Pencil sharpeners, knife, markers, cutters, guillotine shears, glue, glue, glue sticks, spray adhesives, glue roller, hot melt gun, cutting boards, spare cutters, pencil sharpener, pencil sharpener with reservoir desktop sharpener, electric pencil sharpeners, sujetacosas , office scissors, school scissors, etc.

Desktop articles

Letter opener, rings, bookends, tray purse, safes, thumbtacks, tape measures, nailers, clips, compressors, beakers, bookbinders, counter top, extraegrapas, daters, numbering, pocket staplers, desktop staplers, plier staplers, Professional and electric staplers, staples, desktop identifiers, lamps, magnifiers, organizers, Postal Scales, tongs, clip holders, stamp holders, card holders, punches, radios, clocks, rivets, seals, clipboard, drills, buffers, bells, urns, etc..

Manipulated paper and envelopes

Spacers, pads letters, hardcover spiral notebooks, notepads glued parts, notebooks, spiral notebooks printed cardboard, extra hard cover spiral notebooks, spiral notebooks lined lid, polypropylene cover spiral notebooks, spiral notebooks PVC cover, removable pads sticky notes and place, book index, report cards, guest book, minute books, account books, books of signatures, fax paper, spare parts, summing rolls, white envelopes without closure, bag envelopes, bubble envelopes, gummed envelope, envelopes silicone strip, paper wads, checkbooks, etc..

Office paper and labels

Adhesive labels, hang tags, labels for printers and copiers, carbon paper, colored paper, writing paper, photocopying paper, special paper for printers, paper foil, multifunction paper, computer paper listings, themed paper, laid paper, cards of visit, etc.

Presentation and signaling

Lecterns, conference pads, pens pointer, draft board, easels, posters, magnets, wall maps, projection screens, whiteboards, plannings, portacatálogos, portapósters, holders, markers of flat boards, chalk, windows, etc.

Hygiene, maintenance and catering

Fresheners, wipes, drinks, trash bags, medical kits, coffee makers, heaters, cleaning trolley, anti-slip tapes, garbage containers, cutlery, dispensers, brooms, mops, chamois, antibacterial gel, hand gel, disposable gloves, cleaners, masks, tablecloths, microwave, mops, refrigerators, handkerchiefs, paper hand towels, boards for hotels, meals, hearing protection, air purifiers, Lint, wardrobe bags, hand dryers, personal safety, napkins, cups, fans, etc.

School and technical drawing

Watercolors school, adapters for pencils, modeling clay, paints, canvas racks, sketchbooks, sketches, surveys, music and crafts, easels, charcoals, gussets, cardboard, scrim, corrugated cardboard, foam board , cardboard, compasses, notebooks evaluations of calligraphy, drawing, math, spelling, problems, dictionaries, ladders, brackets, pens, flutes, eva rubber, erasers, instruments modeling, rule sets, pencils charcoal, crayons, colored pencils, cases of fine art, maps, mold clay, paint palettes, pantoneras, cellophane paper, shiny paper, crepe paper, watercolor paper, drawing paper, metallized paper, graph paper , blotting paper, tissue paper, tracing paper, pencils, finger paints, paint techniques, templates, forralibros plastic, plasticine, Pencil cases, pens, barb, document pocket, pen, glitter, rules, school markers, arithmetic tables, regular tables, tempera , ink, conveyors, etc.

Entertainment and gifts

Cards, coloring books, stories, stories with stickers, dominoes, paint kits, classic games, board games, educational games, poker, portatodos, puzzles, trolleys, etc.

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