We can deliver orders directly to your client without first having to pass through your company and without naming Comercial del Sur de Papelería as the sender. For your client it will appear as if you have served them directly, because we can personalise the delivery notes with your company's logo and send them without charge. Eliminate supply, storage and service problems; instead focus on attending to your current and potential clients. We will take care of the rest. Save time and money.

  • Minipicking (separable products): products normally packaged in boxes can be separated and sold individually for a small handling fee. For a minimal cost, you can send the required quantity direct to your client without compelling them to buy complete packages. Our system is ready to deliver a ball-point pen to any location in record time.
  • But your client is on the third floor? There is no need to worry. Our carriers deliver all orders up to 125 kg to any floor.
  • If you sign up for our express delivery service (before 10am) you will be able to respond to your most demanding client's deadlines.
  • We offer you the option of receiving refunds and delivery charges to your account.
  • We also deliver to your client on a Saturday, should you wish.

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