Imagine having all the information necessary to manage your clients' orders, such as up-to-date product logistics, stocks, delivery notes etc., automatically integrated into your management application!

Introduce automatic information synchronisation:

  • Instantly manage the prices and products in the catalogue.
  • Track the progress of your clients' orders at all times.
  • Have access to our logistics centres' stock levels data, updated every 30 minutes.
  • Your clients' orders will be automatically processed and delivered without you having to get involved.
  • Benefit from being able to personalise box labels, include comments and have access to up-to-date accounting data.
  • All this comes with the security of our contingency plans (DRP):

►We work with a physical backups in replicated servers.

►We use communications backups with different operators.

►We have backup in different data centres.

►We have a virtual E-commerce platform with a backup cloud, which is available within 2 hours and has an incremental synchronisation feature.


Benefit from CSP's constant investment in security, daily maintenance, periodical updates, and improvements, which address our clients' requests.  And rest assured that you can rely on our professional team 24 hours a day.

Ultimately, this connection of information systems, via the integration of databases, will allow you to speed up your daily management by optimising your technology resources.



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